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Q4 2019

Date Feature Description Learn more
10/31/19 Single Sign-On Single Sign-On (SSO) is available for all Localytic users. Any IDP is supported.
10/29/19 Support for Movable Ink Personalized rich media is available for use within Push, In-App and App Inbox messages. This new functionality is provided through integration with Movable Ink, and enables users to incorporate intelligently personalized creatives using Movable Ink into their mobile messages. Building a Push Building a Web Push Adding a Message To Workflows
10/29/19 In-App and Inbox Video Videos are now supported as a form of rich content for use within In-App and App Inbox messages. User Docs
10/29/19 SDK 5.7.0 This SDK release contains support for iOS 13, including fixes for In-App rendering and dark mode rendering and support for video in In-App and Inbox campaigns. iOS Android

Q3 2019

Date Feature Description Learn more
09/25/19 In-App Surveys Localytics users can leverage In-App campaigns to collect data from their customers using in-app surveys. In-App surveys are supported natively through the In App Builder (IAB), and through HTML for those not using IAB.
09/25/19 Lottie Animations Lottie Animations are now available to use within Localytics campaigns. Lottie is supported natively through the In App Builder (IAB), and through HTML for those not using IAB.
09/19/19 Account Usage Report The account usage report provides clients with a transparent view of their MAUs and DPs usage, and can be accessed at anytime within the Localytics Dashboard.
09/3/19 Web Push Campaigns Web Push Notifications can be created and sent within the Localytics Dashboard and via Workflows. Web SDK Docs Building a Web Push Web Push in Workflows
08/29/19 Personal Delivery Time Personal Delivery Time uses predictive analytics to send a Push Notification at a time when users are most likely to engage. User Docs
08/20/19 User Unification in Workflows Within Workflows, Localytics tracks and unifies user data for those that are logged-in (known users) and those that are logged-out (anonymous users). This prevents the creation of two CIDs per customer if they access the app while not logged-in, and allows Workflows to execute messages without interruption.
08/20/19 Geofences In Workflows Users have the ability to trigger a Workflow using a Geofence event, such as “Places Entered” or “Places Visited” Event. This expands the use of Localytics’ Places feature to also be used in a cross-app Workflow.
08/20/19 Variable Control Groups Control groups can now be changed to any percentage desired by the Localytics user. User Docs
06/31/19 Web Push via API Web Push Notifications can be created and sent via API. Web Push Notifications are messages sent to a device (desktop, mobile, tablet) via a web browser. Dev Docs Web SDK Docs Blog
06/24/19 Push Throttling Push Throttling allows you to set a rate at which push notifications are sent in order to evenly distribute the volume of sent messages. User Docs

Q2 2019

Date Feature Description Learn more
06/12/19 Live Monitor Live Monitor enables you to view every action a tracked device takes in your app. It's a great tool for QA and bug checks for engineers, and a simple way to find the tagged names of certain actions with your app. User Docs Dev Docs
04/18/19 Events API Connect non-digital event sources to your Localytics solution, including point-of-sale and call center insights with iOS, Android, and Web data to create relevant omni-channel campaigns. Developer Docs Workflows Create an app
04/16/19 Workflows Metrics View Workflows related metrics directly within the Workflows UI to help you understand top-level details about your customer’s path and actions. User Docs

Q1 2019

Date Feature Description Learn more
04/01/19 SDK 5.5.0 This SDK release contains support support for live device logging, in addition to a number of bug fixes. iOS Android
01/04/19 React Native SDK 2.3.1 This React-Native release adds support for rendering Inbox detail views. React Native

Q4 2018

Date Feature Description Learn more
12/19/18 Password Policy Controls Password Policy Controls allows administrators to set custom password policies for their organization. Policy controls include length, complexity, and expiration settings, as well as reuse restrictions. User Guide
11/30/18 SDK 5.4.0 This SDK release (iOS, Android, React-Native, Xamarin) contains support for:
  • Xcode 10.1 (required for Bitcode support)
  • Foreground-only Places support
  • Ability to change native rendering of in-app based on values in html
  • Improved in-app messages support for devices with notch
  • Performance and security enhancements
  • iOS Android React Native Xamarin
    10/18/18 Audience Imports API The Audience Imports API lets you more easily message audiences generated outside of Localytics. In Localytics, these are called Audience Lists. Using the API you can easily import your audience and select it in the normal campaign flow. Dev Docs

    Q3 2018

    Date Feature Description Learn more
    09/27/18 SDK 5.2.0 This bugfix SDK release includes support for:
  • API to persist location monitoring
  • Tracking Push messages with event labels
  • Deletion of Inbox items
  • Dev Docs

    Q2 2018

    Date Feature Description Learn more
    4/30/18 Android channels, new in-app triggers Enhanced support for Android notification channels in the dashboard. This lets you set notification channels from within the message builder.

    Also introduces new in-app message triggers. You can now use dimensions like first app launch and app upgrade to present users with an in-app message.
    Dev Docs
    4/4/18 SDK 5.1 This SDK release contains the most up-to-date functionality to handle end user requests to opt out of data collection or to have end user data deleted in support of GDPR. It also includes support for location updates at custom intervals and targeting users on app versions with more than one decimal point (e.g. 2.1.3). Dev Docs

    Q1 2018

    Date Feature Description Learn more
    1/17/18 SDK 5.0 Introduces data flushing, so that data is sent to Localytics at regular intervals (rather than just at app open/close). Improves testing of in-app messages, which can now be viewed the minute test mode is enabled. Also includes enhanced support for new devices and OS's, improvements for Places, an API for attaching an ADID parameter to Inbox URLs, and a variety of small bug fixes. Dev Docs
    1/17/18 Composite Metrics Adds a new metric (Sessions per User) to the Usage Report and two new metrics (Occurences per User & Occurences per Session) to the Events Report. These metrics make it easier to monitor behavior on a per user or per session basis. User Guide for Usage Report
    User Guide for Events Report

    Q4 2017

    Date Feature Description Learn more
    11/13/17 Updated Sharing Permissions Localytics users with Member-level org permissions can now share Custom Dashboards with colleagues. User Guide

    Q3 2017

    Date Feature Description Learn more
    9/29/17 Categories/Action Buttons Adds Dashboard support for iOS Categories, meaning that you can include action buttons below push notifications. These action buttons make notifications more engaging by giving users a way to respond without having to open your app. User Guide
    Dev Docs
    9/12/17 SDK 4.5 (Android Only) Improves the way that Places geofences are downloaded and swapped out. Also updates the way that push opt-in status is reported, adds enhanced support for Android O, and addresses various small bugs. Dev Docs
    8/25/17 Bulk Profile Exports A complement to our existing Profile API, the Export API allows you to export large numbers of Profiles at once. It is great if you are looking to keep a large number of Profiles synced between Localytics and a CRM. Dev Docs
    8/17/17 New Nav Menu Reorganizes the Dashboard navbar into two buckets: Marketing and Analytics. Also adds buttons so that you can create a new Audience or message directly from the Nav Bar.
    7/31/17 React Native SDK Wrapper Introduces SDK support for apps built using React Native Dev Docs
    7/12/17 Update to Marketing Insights on Welcome Screen We've changed the logic behind which messages are shown in the marketing insights section of the Welcome Screen. We now show the 12 most recently sent messages (instead of the 12 most recently launched messages). This ensures that you can see insights for recurring campaigns that were initially launched weeks or months ago.
    7/12/17 In-App Builder Design Update Updates the in-app builder with the same style and layout changes that were introduced to the push builder back in May.
    7/10/17 SDK 4.4 Adds support for action buttons and categories. Also introduces Inbox enhancements including support for full-screen video, silent Inbox campaigns (for UI A/B testing), callbacks to display/dismiss the detail view controller, and an API for tagging when an Inbox list item has been tapped. Dev Docs

    Q2 2017

    Date Feature Description Learn more
    6/20/17 Message Previewer App (iOS only) Many barcode scanners on iOS can't handle the QR codes Localytics generates for sending test push or in-app messages to your device. If you've encountered this issue, be sure to download the Localytics Message Previewer App. You can also use it to scan any other barcode you want! iTunes Store
    6/14/17 Starting Time Zone By default, campaigns that are configured to be delivered at the same time in each time zone start on the international date line. The Starting Time Zone feature allows you to change which time zone is used to begin the campaign. This is useful for situations such as when you want to send a message about a show that's airing at 7:00PM, but it's only available in Europe after it's aired in the US. FAQ
    5/31/17 Marketing Insights Added to Welcome Screen Adds cards to the Welcome Screen showing KPIs for the 12 most recently launched marketing messages. The metrics shown on each card are determined by the goal of the message.
    5/15/17 New Welcome Screen New homescreen for the Localytics Dashboard. Four charts give you a week-over-week comparison of Daily Active Users (DAU), new users, churned users, and reactivated users. User Guide
    5/10/17 Explore Frees you from the restriction of only having one conversion event in your message performance report by allowing you to see conversion rates for any event that is tracked with Localytics. User Guide
    5/9/17 Push Builder Design Update Introduces a variety of changes to the design and layout of the Push Builder, giving it a cleaner look and making it easier to use.
    4/12/17 Support for Responsive In-App Messages Support for responsive HTML means that you can upload custom HTML in-app creatives that change layout or design depending on whether a user views the message in portrait or landscape mode. Note that this support is only for custom HTML creatives that you have uploaded. It is also turned off by default for the moment. If you would like to upload responsive HTML creatives, please contact Customer Support and we will enable this feature for you.
    4/6/17 Audience Exports This new API allows you to use Localytics as the targeting engine for any other software you use. Audience Exports automatically sends the list of users in a Localytics Audience to another system. Dev Docs
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    Second Blog Post

    Q1 2017

    Date Feature Description Learn more
    3/29/17 Direct Access For advanced data analysis. Gives you a private connection to your data on Localytics systems, allowing you to run queries on raw session, event, and Profile data in real-time. Removes the need for an ETL process or data warehouse. Localytics SQL Guide
    3/23/17 SDK 4.3.0 Major In-App improvements including per-creative UI modifications, improved test mode, and better reporting capabilities from the Javascript in a custom creative. Dev Docs
    1/24/17 True Impact 2.0 This is the next generation of campaign performance reporting. With True Impact 2.0, you can see exactly how your campaigns drive changes in user behavior. The updated version of True Impact includes a completely redesigned interface and the addition of over a dozen new metrics, so you can know exactly how your campaign performed. User Guide

    Q4 2016

    Date Feature Description Learn more
    12/21/16 Titles & Subtitles in Push API Push notifications sent via the Localytics push API can now include titles and subtitles. Dev Docs
    11/11/16 SDK 4.2.0 Added support for frequency capping within Places, fixed a bug that caused places identifiers with quotes to not be handled appropriately, and added support for downloading scheduled campaigns in advance so they are available immediately at campaign launch time. Also fixed several minor bugs. Dev Docs
    10/31/16 Rich Push Messaging iOS 10 support for rich push messaging allows you to add pictures, GIFs, videos, and audio files to your push notifications, allowing users to engage with content outside of the application. Dev Docs
    User Guide
    10/28/16 tvOS SDK This new SDK brings analytics and Profiles capabilities to apps running on Apple TV. Dev Docs

    Q3 2016

    Date Feature Description Learn more
    9/20/16 Goals Goals is a new screen at the beginning of our Campaign Builder, where you specify the objective of your campaign. This information will help us deliver a lot of new features in the future, like campaign benchmarking, customized campaign reports, and more. User Guide
    9/15/16 Rapid Push Verification Rapid Push Verification lets you quickly confirm that you have properly configured your push integration and provides troubleshooting assistance if any problems are detected. User Guide
    8/30/16 SDK 4.1 Added support for iOS 10, enabled TLS 1.1/1.2 on API 16+ devices for Android, and fixed several minor bugs. Dev Docs
    7/12/16 Events API Import event data from outside your app into Localytics. This is especially useful to track conversion events (e.g. in-store purchases, media subscriptions, etc.). Dev Docs

    Q2 2016

    Date Feature Description Learn more
    6/13/16 Uninstall Tracking Track when users uninstall your app to quickly spot problems with your app or to power more advanced re-engagement campaigns. Blog
    6/9/16 Recommended Audiences Use Recommended Audiences to easily select groups of users with one click for messaging campaigns to improve engagement and retention. Blog
    6/1/16 Places Use geofences to send push notifications to users when they enter or exit a specific location, even if they don’t have the app open. Analyze data on physical locations to gain insights on location popularity and user behaviors. Dev Docs
    User Guide
    5/30/16 SDK 4.0 Adds Places and Standard Events, plus better support for Swift on iOS and GCM instanceID integrations on Android. Dev Docs
    5/23/16 Attribution fingerprinting Track users originating from download links located in emails, social sharing campaigns, or the mobile web. User Guide
    5/10/16 Improved Audience counts View increased Audience count accuracy with improved calculations in how Localytics handles single devices associated with multiple customer IDs.
    4/7/16 Salesforce integration Break down data silos by combining web & mobile user data in one centralized location and create immersive customer journeys with cross-channel marketing. User Guide
    4/4/16 Push sent event Event is automatically added when a push notification is sent to a user. Improves the accuracy of True Impact campaign performance metrics. You can also create audiences of users who have/have not previously been sent a push notification.

    Q1 2016

    Date Feature Description Learn more
    3/15/16 Marketing campaign summary bar Easily check-in on your active marketing campaigns with this quick summary bar on the Messaging screen.
    3/14/16 App Inbox Nurture your users with a stream of personalized content that’s sent to a dedicated inbox inside your app. Inbox can be used as a newsfeed, a blog, a list of recent promotions, and much more. Dev Docs
    User Guide
    3/10/16 Push registered event See improvements in Audience calculations by avoiding double-counting users who have used an app anonymously and as a registered user.
    1/13/16 Apptimize integration Test different app experiences with Apptimize and seamlessly make the data reportable in Localytics. User Guide

    Q4 2015

    Date Feature Description Learn more
    11/11/15 True Impact Quantify the downstream impact of push and in-app messaging campaigns on app engagement, conversion, and revenue. User Guide
    11/5/15 Campaign Trawler Go beyond the campaign view to organize and optimize which ads and ad sets are performing well across all of your apps. Blog
    10/6/15 Predictions Forecast how likely app users are to churn or convert and use these predictions to proactively engage users to minimize churn and maximize conversions. User Guide

    Q3 2015

    Date Feature Description Learn more
    9/30/15 Cross-App Analytics Compare cross-platform user analytics data in real-time from the same reporting view. Blog
    9/23/15 Optimizely integration Test different app experiences with Optimizely and seamlessly make the data reportable in Localytics. User Guide
    9/20/15 Dynamic messaging Create personalized experiences for different end users from a single push messaging or email marketing campaign. User Guide
    9/17/15 Instagram integration Reach vibrant new app audiences with Instagram and have this attribution data sync seamlessly with Localytics. User Guide
    9/2/15 Remarketing Create highly-targeted audiences of existing users, export them to Facebook to power personalized remarketing campaigns, and measure the ROI of those campaigns back in Localytics. User Guide
    8/27/15 Marketo integration Combine customer data and user behaviors to automate customer communication across mobile and desktop, and apps and websites. User Guide